Sam Carr

LG Pebble


This project was a collaboration between North Carolina State University and LG Electronics. We were tasked with designing a go-to-market Bluetooth speaker to  refresh LG's brand and re-establish them as an industry leader in consumer electronics.

This was a solo project that lasted 3.5 weeks


Online Survey

134 respondents to a 20 minute interview



What does our target market (18 - 25 year olds) value in a bluetooth speaker?


So what does the current market look like?

Currently, the vast majority of bluetooth speakers on the market fall into the categories of tube or cube in terms of form factor.

Everything currently on the market is either a variation of either a tube or a cube


How can LG disrupt the current speaker market that is dominated by primative shapes (tubes & cubes) and predictable materials?


Inspiration + Communicating
Product Ethos

I created a visual product inspiration array defined by soft/organic forms, bright colors, playful materials, and subtle patterns/textures. I wanted to infuse LG's brand language with inviting form factors and youthful energy.


Ideation + Refinement

After exploring a number of different forms and concepts, I narrowed in on a stone form factor. 

A river stone has natural appeal and inherent value. A stone’s curved surfaces allow a larger object/volume to appear smaller, meaning increased space for internal components such as larger speakers (sound quality) and and bigger batteries (battery life) while maintaining a smaller visual presence. This visibly communicates portability to consumers shopping for speakers. Additionally, the flat, river rock form is extremely pack-able (portability).


A back and forth process of blue foam modeling, sketching, and working with iterative 3D modeling was crucial to defining the speaker's final form.